Month: February 2017

Make Your Love Want You Every Day

How to make your man want you every day?

Women must read this article carefully if they are feeling that their spouses aren’t paying more attention to you. There is no doubt that even the truest of relationships depend solely on the mercy of a sexy bedroom routine. Have you ever thought why we are saying this? We are sure that you must have felt boredom sleeping in your love-life at some point of time in your life. There must be times when you came home after a tiring day at work and simply wanted to crash in your bed despite Read more […]

Testosterone Production In Men

Why men should worry about testosterone levels?

Why testosterone is important food for “maleness”?   Men are no aliens to the hormone called TESTOSTERONE. After all, it is the same hormone which made them “a man”.  There are supposed to be several characteristics of the male brain type: aggression, competition, self-assertion, self-confidence and self-reliance. These factors share high correlation with adult maleness. Determination of gender in womb   The default gender in the womb is female which often Read more […]

Stretching To Enlarge Size

How to enlarge your penis with your hands?

It is no secret that men are extremely concerned about their “manhood”. No man would say that he does not enjoy his partner shout out his name in the middle of orgasms.  This task must be started from home itself.  Medicines, pills, oils or creams should be the last resort when penis enlargement is being sought. Nature has provided us with several natural techniques which must be tried before anything else. No, you don’t have to eat herbal products or stuff fruits down your throat!  We Read more […]

Porn Industry

Do you know that porn stars are using steroids to increase time of sex?  

 ILLUSION  Vs REALITY REGARDING PORN STARS Porn is an industry which is fantasized and loathed in equal manner over the world. People are fascinated by the bodies and stamina of porn stars and look at them as the gods and goddesses of carnal pleasure.  All of us have been exposed to porn videos out of curiosity in young age. Children are easily familiarized by adult areas in the age where technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Children are now gifted mobiles, tabs, play stations Read more […]

Sexual Problem Treatment for men

How To Get Rid Of Sexual Issues In Men?

SEXUAL PROBLEM IS THE MAJOR CAUSE OF DIPRESSION IN MEN THAN ANY OTHER THINGS There is no doubt that sexual stamina is extremely important factor in a men’s lives. It is something without which no man can imagine his life as complete. Men think a lot about their penis more than they think about their looks or status. For them, sexual health is first and foremost concern which overcomes other areas of concern. A man who has a lot of money but no sexual satisfaction, will still be unhappy as a satisfying Read more […]

Stamina Booster


HOW TO BOOST YOUR STAMINA? There is no person who doesn’t want to have a flexible and strong body. It is everyone’s dream to not to get exhausted because modern lifestyle need more energy and stamina. However, it takes a lot of courage to motivate oneself to go to gym to achieve fitness goals. Gym is just like a school which teaches us a lot of exercises (instead of subjects) at the same time. Any person who wants to achieve something has to motivate himself to get out of his/her comfort zone Read more […]

Natural Ways For Penis Enlargement


If you are one of those few people who are tired of searching for the natural remedies to increase your penis length, you must go through this article completely. It is an age-old dream of men to have bigger penis which acts as a confidence booster for them. Many women refute that the size of someone’s manhood matters to them. In fact, the truth is distributed and there is no uniform opinion about the size of men’s organ. Size might not matter for Read more […]

marriage breakup


  No, we are not trying to preach right and wrong here.We are so used to being fed sexual images by our digital media that watching porn is seen as just a “normal” thing that all consumers of media will see. Porn sounds good;looks good, but it is evident that everything which looks tempting isn’t always good. Grass is greener on the other side, they said. Here are few negative impacts which are caused by consumption of porn: 1.  Porn sabotages Trust Marriages are considered Read more […]

factors in the sex game

5 Postions to Spice up Your Bedroom

Sex Positions That Give Her More Satisfaction Sex without some spice is always boring. It might drain your sexual experience over the course of time, if any experimentation is not sought. Many people are struggling with their love lives. Here we are to provide you with some positions which will not only give you and your partner the room for experimentation; also you will never feel bored again! 1. Woman on Top: Nothing excites a guy more than the moment when role reversal is sought. Read more […]

Benefits of exercise


Exercises that Helps to Make Sex Better When someone hears the word “exercise”, the first thing which comes to mind is Gym.  It is a dream place for health enthusiasts who are willing to go there every day for the sake of their bodies.   However, it is just a small portion which is dedicated to this routine. Most of them are weary of even stepping into the gym because they do not savoir the pain which comes after stretching the body out of its limits. It is no doubt that those who hit the Read more […]