Month: March 2017

What to keep in mind while buying penis enlargement medicines

What to keep in mind while buying penis enlargement medicines?

Be it Europe or Asia, penis enlargement is something which clouds the minds of millions of men. Leave aside men, even women seem to think about it a lot even though they are unable to understand the obsession of men with their penises. Men often fail to express their feeling regarding their “little boy”. The importance of penis is known only to men. It seems that their world is concentrated in their organ only. Hell breaks loose on them if something goes wrong with their penis. Penis has Read more […]

8 foods to increase the size of your Penis

Body image issues do not plague only women, men also suffer from the same issue. If women are suffering from insecurities regarding weight, skin or height, then men also suffer from stress about their “little boy” whose report card is the most important thing for them. However, men are highly unlikely to admit their negative thoughts to opposite sex. Their talks about sexual insecurities are related to men-to-men talks. In fact, most men would try to increase their penis size with food and fruits Read more […]

Why men feel compelled to brag in front of women

Why men feel compelled to brag in front of women?

Ladies, all of us must accept that they have got few male friends who brag a lot but they don’t think they are. Every woman has a certain friend who simply can’t stop talking about his sexual conquests, the amount of money he has, how good-looking his body is, how much he knows about bikes or bodybuilding and the number of fancy restaurants which he has visited.  No woman can remain impressed with a guy when everything starts looking excessive from his side. Why the need of bragging? Why men Read more […]

10 Ways to Maximize Pleasure during Sex

10 Ways to Maximize Pleasure during Sex

There is no denying that sex is a necessary part of our lives nowadays. It is something which needs to be spiced up every now and then because couples are not bound to stay with each other in case something goes wrong. Life is unfair; modern lifestyle leaves a little time for couples to spend together. It is the biggest truth that if a relationship has to survive, sex has to be good. The only problem is that there is so less quality time and no particular position or move would keep your partner Read more […]

The bizarre obsession of Japan with phallus

The bizarre obsession of Japan with phallus

Ok, whatever we are going to discuss is not comfortable for everyone to hear but we will still insist you to continue reading. Being from a country which is not open to sexual discussions is a difficult task; sex is considered a dirty topic and any open discussion about it is considered as bringing shame. However, Japan doesn’t think so. Unlike Indian people, who are guaranteed to be scandalized, each spring Japanese people rush to Kawasaki, Japan, to celebrate Kanamara Matsuri, or the “Festival Read more […]

Never let pregnancy hinder your lovemaking

Never let pregnancy hinder your lovemaking

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time of a couple when they are preparing themselves to bring a new life in this world. This is the time when major emotional and physical changes are observed in the expectant mother. However, one of the changes also includes sex life of parents to be. Suddenly beautiful news turns into a serious compromise where a couple refrains from having sex because they are afraid about causing harm to their unborn baby. With most people not aware about sex during pregnancy, Read more […]

The Fascinating History of Penis Enlargement Methods

The fascinating history of penis enlargement methods

Mankind has always been fascinated with the stretching of human parts. Penis is one organ which holds enormous importance for men. The obsession with penis goes a long way in the history. The oldest existing evidence can be traced back to cavern drawings in 440 BC in which kings were shown to have huge penises. Giant penis statues and monuments have been erected in the honor of an organ which has the honor of possessing the seeds of human life. The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri (“Festival of the Steel Read more […]

Why mangoes are gods for male virility?

You would be lying if the thought of sinking your teeth into a fleshy, yellow, sticky and sugary fruit doesn’t arouse you. Just think of the reaction of your taste buds when they are tantalized by juicy flavor of this tropical fruit. Trust us; there are people who eat it in an orgasmic manner; simply because it feels amazing. Perhaps, commercial advertisements have played a huge role in romanticizing mangoes but we think it is worth it.  Mango is considered the king of fruits for no reason.  Read more […]

Dress up to increase your sex appeal

Okay gentlemen, have you ever given to thought that why women are not attracted to you despite your charm, intelligence and big paycheck? Why is it that you don’t attract a flock of girls? There could be several reasons to it. We might as well try to break the mystery behind attraction. Dress to Impress Mankind has always relied on non-verbal communication until language was invented. The lack of language was sufficed by frequency and quality of sign language. How females chose their partners Read more […]

Premature Ejaculation

Causes And Natural Cures Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most dreaded sexual dysfunction which has left men sleepless at nights. Commonly known as “impotence”, it is described as a condition in which a man is unable to achieve erection after numerous attempts. It has nothing to do with low sexual drive. Instead, the sex drive remains intact but is not enough to erect the penis. Such issues have become more common in the current century. Unable to understand this problem completely, many men become depressed and anxious. Read more […]