Month: August 2017

Food or Sex? Why Not Both

According to a study it was found that an average session of sex burns around 100 calories with kissing burning close to 70 calories. We know you care a lot about eating and even more about your sex life as if you are not on good terms with one of two you are sure to be bitter and dissatisfied. This conflict when not corrected can make you hate yourself and rob you of positive life experience. We bring you foods that won’t make you gain a lot of calories and still you a lot of energy so that you Read more […]

factors in the sex game

Temper your Sexual Energy for Better Result

It is very important to temper your sexual energy these days with so much porn available anybody can easily get carried away. We know you get horny and your partner gets horny too but do you always get horny at the same time? What about the times when she is horny and you are not horny and when you are horny and she is not horny? Every couple faces this situation and not everybody has the same response. What we would like to tell you today is how to be responsibly sexual? 1) Avoid Extra Nudity Have Read more […]

Your complete sex guide in the bedroom from start to finish

Sex is one of the most profound pleasures of mankind. All of us came from it and while there are social and cultural meanings of sex leading to particular brands of sexual behavior none of them can change the truth which is that it is a pleasurable activity and till men and women exist in the world they will keep moving towards each other till they come together full of heightened desires and achieve climax that satisfies them and tells them that they have realized their sexual potential. 1) Start Read more […]

The ultimate tips to be women’s favorite

How to Get the Sex Partner you want in 4 Simple Steps

Sex is an activity which when initiated relaxes us and makes us feel close to our nature. It is natural all of us get horny and no amount of pretentious display can cheat us out of this truth. Whenever one talks of sex one can easily gauge the mood of the person he or she is talking to and deduce whether sex is on their mind or not. Sometimes more and sometimes less, isn’t sex the best? 1) Rule Number One – Don’t get cocky Girls hate cocky guys as they have a tendency to blurt out things in Read more […]