Month: September 2017

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Peniking is not Viagra, its way better

In a recent survey conducted we learned that a lot of people have a misconception about peniking and what it does as they feel that it does what Viagra does and since Viagra is one of the largest selling drugs in the world why not take it instead of peniking? We bring you the details of both the products and what they do for you. In order to under both these products first you need to know how an erection works. How does an erection work? The process is relatively simple as all erections Read more […]

All you need to know about a woman’s mind so that you can have her body

Oscar Wilde the great literary figure said that a woman begins by resisting a man’s advances and ends by blocking his retreat. Well this can be true of more than half of the woman in India as they rise to a fury when they hear the words pre-marital sex and regard it as sinful. Resisting all kind of physical contact through our lifetime is not in human nature. Sure there have been many who turned chaste but they only turned so by being hypocritical – As they pretended to be chaste first and then Read more […]

factors in the sex game

Ego and Shame -The main factors in the sex game

Hugh Hefner said that religion is not the driving force behind civilization it is sex as we don’t produce off-springs for a higher power we produce them because we like sex. Penis and Vagina have a mind of their own and when they are on song they pull all our strings. Good performance in the bed boosts our self-esteem as it feeds us self- importance while bad performance makes us hot with shame. But so often than not, it is not the only kind of ego and shame we take and we bring you things that Read more […]

how to get rid of from Premature Ejaculation

How to put away the problem of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem that makes even the best of men afraid of their next sex encounter as they feel that their penis won’t go on for a long time. Self-control is achieved only through rigorous practice and time and again people have caused themselves to believe that they won’t be able to go on for a long time as they put themselves in psychological shackles. It is up to you to free yourself from these chains and here’s how to do it. 1) Know your scope The keys to the Read more […]

Erectile Dysfunction

How to Beat the Consequences of Erectile Dysfunction

All through the 19th century people have maintained a conservative attitude towards sex and it led to a lot of taboos with restrictions on women and men alike and newspapers narrating actions against these ideas as heroic. Any society which maintains a negative attitude about sex is a pretentious society as the society itself is a result of sex. It is very important that people look at sex as a positive part of their reality which needs to be addressed early in their life and nurtured throughout Read more […]

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Men and Testosterone – A historical Tale

A lot of men throughout history have struggled with their sexual performance and some have stayed quiet about it and suffered silently while others have voiced their anxiety and sabotaged the relationship as they could not go on pretending that they are happy not allowing their spouse to pretend as well . This sex steroid is indispensable to sex drive and overall sexual happiness .We are going to tell you ways in which you can improve the testosterone levels of your body so that your penis doesn’t Read more […]

Why sex is an Important Exercise

Sex Calculator to Measure Your Performance

Sexual Calculator is the tool for you to finally banish the thoughts you have to justify your manliness. Some men are big and some men are bigger but all men can pound their partner into pleasure if they just concentrate and focus on stroking their partner’s vagina with discipline and determination. Below are the steps that talk about what it contains to remove all those he is this and she is that demons 1) For Both It is to popular opinion that men have to work harder during sex but you Read more […]