Exercises that Helps to Make Sex Better

When someone hears the word “exercise”, the first thing which comes to mind is Gym.  It is a dream place for health enthusiasts who are willing to go there every day for the sake of their bodies.   However, it is just a small portion which is dedicated to this routine. Most of them are weary of even stepping into the gym because they do not savoir the pain which comes after stretching the body out of its limits.

It is no doubt that those who hit the gym or do outdoor exercises are more active in regular life.  However, it is also proven to increase the sex drive in both the genders. Those who hit the gym know the benefits.Exercise makes the body flexible and provides agility which does not separate itself from sexual performance. It is known to boost self-esteem and confidence which are crucial for regular lifestyle as well as bedtime performance.

Let’s see how exercise helps in improving your sexual life:

Exercises to take your bedroom performance to the next level

Exercising releases endorphin’s which are also known as happy hormones.We must put a thought about the fact that people do feel happy after they have exercised. Exercise helps in releasing these hormones which help us in unwinding, give spikes your mood naturally. Once you are in good mood, love making automatically becomes an enjoyable experience.  Couples who exercise together are known to have better sex than those who do not.

Exercise makes one comfortable with their body. It infuses positive energy and releases the laziness. Over the course of time, exercise boosts the confidence, and it shows in the people’s personal as well professional lives. When one is confident about their body, they tend to perform well because there is no impediment.

People who suffer from issues related to their body image do not consider themselves desirable to their partners.  This explains why women feel that their husbands or boyfriends are losing interest in them. This applies to men in similar way. Men tend to feel insecure about them being able to seek attention of opposite sex. Exercise liberates that insecurity. When people stop giving room to negative thoughts about their bodies, they become more open in bedtime experimentation.

Endorphin’s also perform as analgesics or painkillers. It means they lessen the feeling of pain. They also act as sedatives. They are manufactured in your brain, spinal cord, and other parts of the body and are released in response to neurotransmitters which are activated by exercising.

Exercising helps in keeping muscles active, retaining youthful appearance, reducing free radicals which cause ageing.If you exercise, then your body’s sexual age will be younger than your physiological age. Sometimes, all you need to do is to believe in yourself and not let insecurities take over your confidence.

Exercise always increases body’s sensitivity and regulates hormones. People who exercise have confessed that it has helped them in achieving longer and better orgasms.

“Sixty-year-old who exercise frequently report having the same amount of sex and sexual pleasure as people decades younger. One study examined the sexual frequency and satisfaction ratings of swimmers aged 60 and found that they were the same as those 20 years younger. If you exercise a lot, your ‘sexual age’ will be years younger than your chronological age.”

“In fact, studies have shown that women who frequently exercise become aroused more quickly and are able to reach an orgasm faster and more intensely.”

“Sex itself is an intense physical activity requiring strength and endurance. As you exercise, both your strength and endurance will increase, opening the possibility for more varied sexual positions that require greater physical control.”