Here comes the I.con of sexual fitness!

Here comes the I.con of sexual fitness!

Here comes the I.con of Sexual Fitness

Would you believe us if we tell you that this “smart” condom can judge your sexual performance and screen sexually transmitted diseases?

No, it is not us claiming this just for the sake of heck of it. A British company dares to stimulate our imagination and have impelled us to have imagined a savvy condom which measures your sexual performance, and it is capable of recognising sexually transmitted ailments. Intended to advantageously go after each sexual uncertainty known to men, the I.con gloats it can quantify each quantifiable metric of your most loved private movement, including whether you are going to contract syphilis or chlamydia or any other infection.

We shall not be surprised if it is compared to a Fitbit for your man part. The I.con claims it can give information on everything – from speed to estimate – just to make you a greater amount of a shaky chaos while contrasting it with that of different folks.

I.con’s advertisement peruses, “Have you at any point thought about what number of calories you are consuming amid intercourse? What number of pushes? The speed of your pushes? The length of your sessions? Recurrence? What number of various positions you use in the time of seven days, month or year? Ever thought about how you stack up to other individuals from around the globe?

Of course, not many people give even the tiniest speck of thought to it. However, lifestyle topics have become ubiquitous over media which has led people to realise that sex is indeed an act which has its own health benefits. Every media channel is melting down with the fact that sex is an exercise which burns calories without requiring you to step outside.

I.con can easily be claimed by shelling out a mere £59.99 (around 5,000 INR), which is not a condom by any means, but rather a ring which you can evidently fit over the base of your penis and measures every one of the things you think you have to think about your most recent lay. The information is matched with an application by means of Bluetooth, so that is something else you can beware of your telephone instantly post-copulation.

I.con accompanies a smaller scale USB charging port, with a life expectancy of in the vicinity of six and eight hours and works with nanochips and sensors. Its customizable size means it can fit all circumferences, so you can quantify that against different clients as well.

The makers of I.con say the item is not really accessible right now and it would not take your cash until it is, yet invested individuals can enlist for pre-orders.

So, what do you think? Ready to grab one or still scared if buying it would backfire on your glasshouse of male pride? For once, getting face to face with your performance facts would be worth it.

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