How to Beat the Consequences of Erectile Dysfunction

How to Beat the Consequences of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

All through the 19th century people have maintained a conservative attitude towards sex and it led to a lot of taboos with restrictions on women and men alike and newspapers narrating actions against these ideas as heroic. Any society which maintains a negative attitude about sex is a pretentious society as the society itself is a result of sex. It is very important that people look at sex as a positive part of their reality which needs to be addressed early in their life and nurtured throughout their adulthood. With that said erectile dysfunction is a problem that needs support and understanding from people around you who tell you it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

1) Ascertain the reason

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by both physical and psychological factors. Physical factors include poor lifestyle, obesity and lack of regular exercise while psychological factors include a poor self-image and a negative attitude towards one’s own nature. Whatever it is it can be corrected so you don’t have to be your own enemy and brood over problem being a problem and instead accept the truth about this condition and look for ways to correct it.

2) Don’t be Embarrassed

Being a man is hard as adult life involves a lot of responsibility. You need to take care of your spouse and all her aspects- emotional and sexual regularly and financial from time to time. And sometimes the enthusiasm to penetrate her vagina will not be as high as you would like, it is best to accept this truth and do other activities that take your mind away from this trouble and believe me that you will want to have sex again once your head clears and sex drive is high again.

3) Don’t Fight Yourself

A lot of people feel bad about how they are and it is the right conduct as you face the situation head on but don’t exaggerate the unhappiness of the situation, The worst measure when you are going through trouble is to pretend that there is no trouble and become disillusioned from reality. You should be proud that you have not done that and felt genuinely bad because we only move to success after acknowledging failure. So don’t obsess over trouble as human life is full of it but it is also full of tales of moving away from troubles towards joy and prosperity.

4) Show Gratitude

Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude. A difficult explanation to process but true nonetheless we are hardwired to reflect on the past and feel sad over things that lie in our memories instead of appreciating what we have in front of us. This can be corrected when we maintain a cheerful attitude and appreciate life till we have it.

5) Keep your Sex Life Private

Don’t talk about sex troubles with anyone else but your partner as she is the only one who will comfort you instead of making fun of you as she has experienced you inside her in the past and you have been good. Man never stops chasing things so sometimes you spend more time with your partner and sometimes less and often it makes you long for partner more if you are spending less time leading to guilt. This guilt goes away fast when you start doing other activities with your spouse like involve her in your work a little bit or do something she likes. This is not compensation for your low libido this is you buying time when you are not your 100 percent.

Don’t worry about your size as well because your dick need to je just erect to please her. The main task is holding off your urge to come so that you can go longer and fulfill her richly. Penis enlargement happens automatically when confidence rises.

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