How to control premature ejaculations naturally?

How to control premature ejaculations naturally?

How to control premature ejaculations naturally?

Medical line defines premature ejaculation as a condition in which a man experiences an orgasm before his partner is ready. It is a most common condition in men which is often caused by anxiety and too much sexual stimulation too quickly. More and more men are suffering from this problem and end up being depressed as a result. Thoughts and guilt factor also play a major role in this condition. Having multiple partners, cheating and excessive watching of porn are some of many factors which are not biological causes. Medicines like Prozac can effectively cure this problem. However, implementing certain techniques can help you rectify this problem in a natural way.

Let us have a look at natural methods which can be implemented in order to treat the menace called premature ejaculation:

  • Masturbation

Masturbating one to two hours before having intercourse is one of the most used natural methods to treat premature ejaculation. This relieves seminal pressure effectively which might have built up. By doing this, both partners would be at the same level of excitement. By reducing the pressure, making love would be more tension-free and chances of getting orgasm at right time are more.

  • Foreplay

Jumping directly into bed is also a bad idea. It is now a known fact that engaging in foreplay increases the fun. Making haste in a lovemaking session can lead to sudden excitement which can lead to ejaculating prematurely. It is wise to engage in extended foreplay to prolong the erection. It is suggested by doctors and sexual health experts that it will be a great help in treating or at least limiting its occurrence.

  • Kegal exercise

Premature ejaculation result from weak pelvic muscles. Kegel exercises are well-known for to strengthen the muscles of pelvic floor. Trying to control the urine stream every now and then will help in identifying the pelvic floor muscle will provide more ejaculation control. Practicing kegals is very simple- try to contract the pelvic floor muscle and count until three. Then release it and repeat. Just make sure that muscles of buttocks are not pulled in. You will notice that you are able to control pelvic floor muscle for longer time.

  • Squeeze Technique

The “squeeze” method works when the penis in the area between the shaft and the glans is squeezed just before you are about to ejaculate. Stimulate your penis by hands or during intercourse until you reach at the point of orgasm and then squeeze the end of your penis. This stops the ejaculation, but will affect your erection as you will not get one until you get sexually excited again. Repeat this process few more time until you decide to let it go and have proper intercourse with your partner.

However, it is an extremely frustrating technique as it ruins the fun of lovemaking. Perhaps, this is the reason it should be practiced by a couple which has good understanding. Not being able to fulfill sexual gratification is really frustrating.

The main idea behind this technique is to recognize the threshold which would help in delaying premature ejaculations.

  • Use a condom to decrease sensation because premature ejaculation is often caused by oversensitivity.
  • Try to focus on an object of distraction when you feel that you are going to ejaculate.
  • Practice controlled breathing while having intercourse.


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