How to Get the Sex Partner you want in 4 Simple Steps

How to Get the Sex Partner you want in 4 Simple Steps

The ultimate tips to be women’s favorite

Sex is an activity which when initiated relaxes us and makes us feel close to our nature. It is natural all of us get horny and no amount of pretentious display can cheat us out of this truth. Whenever one talks of sex one can easily gauge the mood of the person he or she is talking to and deduce whether sex is on their mind or not. Sometimes more and sometimes less, isn’t sex the best?

1) Rule Number One – Don’t get cocky

Girls hate cocky guys as they have a tendency to blurt out things in an arrogant tone that women easily take the wrong way. We know that it cannot be the intention of any man to offend his partner, a partner who comes with the prospect of sex. But it is difficult to control your self-esteem which easily escalates into conceit as you think a display of pride is just what she wants. Wrong girls want a sensitive guy on the outside and a mad fucker in bed who brings out the best in her as well. So be kind and polite so that you slowly earn her trust and won’t mean her any harm and when she agrees and she will agree, every woman does they just have their own standards of agreement just give her the mad loving which she desires even more than the sensitive guy.

2) Rule Number Two – Don’t Boast

This is an extension of the first rule itself yet still separable as cockiness can spring comments about the women which she feels ashamed of or doesn’t want to hear but boasting concerns you with just yourself. If you tell her that you are the alpha of the world and no man can measure up to what you provide chances are she will get pissed off sooner than you can think. Instead be humble and blend in tell her that any man can love her as she is beautiful and tell her that you are willing to go a step further than that man. This is praise all the same but one that doesn’t degrade anyone.

3) Rule Number Three – Listen

Listening is one of the most underrated activities in the world. We tend to think and speak and then get back to thinking again, this marks our habit which speaks for itself that we are obsessed with ourselves. When we listen we get a good idea of what the person who is speaking is concerned with and our patience will surely reward us as even if we don’t have a fix for the problem the person who we are listening takes us in their confidence. Listening more and talking less is the way to sex.

4) Rule Number Four – Speak the Truth

Now that you have followed the first three steps you have presented yourself as a guy who is sympathetic to troubles that can fall on people and tries to steer clear of them at all times. This paints you as a person who doesn’t get in the way of other people and doesn’t let problems get in his way. She is impressed with you and you can already see the sparkle in her eye. There is only one last thing left to do and that is to confess your admiration for her and at the same time confess your need. You got to say that admiring her from a distance doesn’t do justice to your relationship and at a human level there is a deep longing in your heart to feel her touch. This has more chances than less to evoke a similar response from her which she can only fulfill by getting under the sheets with you.

The conundrum – Most people are indecisive when it comes to putting out there feelings and when they are unable to share this with the people near them they are left with no other option but to stuff their feelings which make them bitter. It is always advised to put out your sexual interest in front of the person you like so that you know their answer and then proceed according to it. It will help you cut back on the obsessive behavior that sexual impulses can set and achieve sexual harmony with the person who likes you back or peace till you find that person.

Conclusion – It has been observed that men who followed the first three steps fared better in getting the girl they wanted.

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