How to put away the problem of Premature Ejaculation

How to put away the problem of Premature Ejaculation

how to get rid of from Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem that makes even the best of men afraid of their next sex encounter as they feel that their penis won’t go on for a long time. Self-control is achieved only through rigorous practice and time and again people have caused themselves to believe that they won’t be able to go on for a long time as they put themselves in psychological shackles. It is up to you to free yourself from these chains and here’s how to do it.Premature Ejaculation

1) Know your scope

Know Your Scope
Always Know your scope

The keys to the scope of your happiness belong only to you and the range your mind delves in is up to you. Mankind through ages has concerned itself with the absolute unnecessary at times and it’s not like some of us have not found inspiration when slowly reflecting on things around us and how to change them but that includes only a few of us. To overthink and not get anywhere casts us in a web that feels paralyzing and takes us far away from our scope. Nothing is truer than this quote- He who seeks rest finds boredom and he who seeks work finds rest. Any human being soars higher when he or she stays grounded this yields that you give full attention to your work and your health before other things. Putting your nose unnecessary in other people’s business will only cloud your perspective. Your scope involves only two things-

  • Not hurting others unnecessarily
  • Taking care of you.

2) Don’t think too much

Don't think too much
Don’t think too much Just let it happen.

A friend of mine suffered from premature ejaculation and he got himself in a twist immediately. He started wondering what people around him will think of him as he thought they could just learn about it by looking at him. I told him that nobody can know just by looking at him and one has to share the information in order for the other person to know about it. This stopped him from thinking too much and concentrating on the work at hand.

3) A full look at the worst

A full look at the worst
Look at the worst

What is the worst that could happen? If you suffer from premature ejaculation the worst has already happened. You were a little too excited about the prospect of sex and you came too soon. It can be easily corrected and the way to do it is to just slow down and take your time in bed.

4) Never get into a girl’s head when you are in her pussy

Focus on pussy
Never get into a girl’s head when you are in her pussy

This is the most common mistake a man can make while penetrating a vagina. Many have made it when they started wondering what the girl is thinking during sex and while most of them continued after concluding that she is thinking of getting a good pounding but some of them started thinking that what if she think we are not good enough? This dented their confidence and sex fell apart so only thing of having sex when you are having sex keeping conversation for later.

5) Imbibe her with your confidence

Be Confident
Imbibe her with your confidence

Disagreement between partners is common and sometimes she can unknowingly say things which you will reflect on later and if the remarks are about penis size and your performance in bed it can make you conscious. A simple approach is needed here where you show her a lot of passion and confidence and give her nothing else but wild pleasure whenever she gets herself in a twist because of lack of sex.

Three things are needed to put away sexual anxiety – confidence, health and self-assertion. For everything else there is peniking.

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