Not performing at job? Have more sex to fix it!

Not performing at job? Have more sex to fix it!

Not performing at job? Have more sex to fix it!

Such are the times that people have started thinking that they can only do justice to their professional lives when they start working overtime to earn extra money and appraisal from boss. Dress codes, professional etiquettes and mechanized picture-perfect performance are what people swear by as their success mantra.

Contrary to the popular beliefs, working like a slave does not give you brownie points; a satisfied personal life does. Mingling with boss is good only till the time it doesn’t start sucking love out of your life.  It is observed by several studies that people who spent more time at work were unhappy as compared to those who maintained work-life balance. Of course, work is important but successful people do not neglect their personal lives.

Productivity is an important factor which is required in every field of life, be it career, family, sex or social life. Change is the only constant thing they say. Constancy in any area is bound to affect other parts which will result in such imbalance that it will disrupt all mental peace and happiness.

Studies have shown that successful work life is based on focus, creativity, and energy. It was found that men and women were far more productive and engaged if they’d had satisfying sex the night before. While there other components such as motivation and discipline which lead to a perfect office life, our discussion is restricted to impact of sex on work-related productivity. We know that many people would be surprised at the correlation of these two. The truth is that even many researchers have validated our claim that a successful sexual life works wonders for professional life as well.

Researchers found that people who dragged work stress home had worse sex because their minds were already occupied with stress which they chose to retain even at the time of sexual act. People who knew where to draw a healthy line between work and partner were found to be happier. Why? Sex triggers the release of quartet Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins, which makes it an “automatic” mood elevator.  These are called happy hormones, chemicals or neurotransmitters for the sole reason that they are responsible for euphoric feeling whenever someone is extremely happy, relaxed or excited. Many events can result in triggering of these neurotransmitters, but sex is one such act that cannot be ignored for its importance.

People should be able to see the difference themselves; if a person isn’t happy in personal (sexual) life, how can work compensate for it?  Work simply acts as a distraction or a secondary prize in case of failure. A person who is satisfied in his/her sexual life should spread vibrant energy, not dull routine. Just try to remember time when you had mind-blowing sex and everyone at work seemed to wonder at and envy your energy spilling here and there. That was the day when you were hopping here and there, and did not mind some extra work thrown at you. No longer should it be denied that sex has emotional, social and physiological benefits which are stretched to professional arena.

An obvious thing is often ignored by offices that their employees need recreation time as well; they are mot machines but people who need some time for themselves too. The corporate mindset has made life tough for people by giving them less time for personal life. People who share healthy sexual and emotional bonds with their partners or spouses are happier and exhilarated. Studies have affirmed that  people who have successful and satisfying orgasms least once a day are more likely to enjoy their jobs, work hard, and move up the career ladder, as they are feeling happy from inside.  Such people are pro at maintaining healthy work-personal life balance.

If we try to see it from a neutral perspective, a happy employee would make his boss happy. Isn’t it simple? Here are few points which relate satisfied sexual life to performance at work-

  • Making love unlocks emotions( it helps in unwinding and relaxing)
  • Making love improves mood and energy
  • Relieves stress and induces happy hormones
  • Exercises the muscles( increases the fitness)
  • Prolongs life( fights ageing by keeping the muscles active)

Do you need more reasons to spend more time with your partner? We have given you a very good reason to be cozy. Why not? If it is benefitting your career!

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