Sex Calculator to Measure Your Performance

Sex Calculator to Measure Your Performance

Why sex is an Important Exercise

Sexual Calculator is the tool for you to finally banish the thoughts you have to justify your manliness. Some men are big and some men are bigger but all men can pound their partner into pleasure if they just concentrate and focus on stroking their partner’s vagina with discipline and determination. Below are the steps that talk about what it contains to remove all those he is this and she is that demons

1) For Both

It is to popular opinion that men have to work harder during sex but you cannot live with that notion these days as there are enough digital bytes going around that make it very clear that women want it just as much. The phrase man fucks a woman is not the only relevant phrase to describe sex as woman fucks man is equally true. You can measure who burned more calories and the one who wins get to dominate their partner for the day.

2) No Cheating the Data

All men who think they cannot be defined by numbers are stupid and wrong. It is evident to other people what we are with just one glance and with more than one glance they can clearly assert our sexual capabilities often right than wrong. Sex calculator helps you select the body type you currently have and how you perform in it while giving you statistical insight into the performance of other body types.

3) It will help Build Trust

Honesty takes a back seat when you feel ashamed of yourself and truly there is no reason to feel ashamed of yourself as everyone counts when it comes to life. But we have a tendency to not listen to reason when we obsess over what the other person said and what he does well I cannot do well. This takes us away from the truth and into the spiral of lies that we told ourselves. Tracking your sexual numbers can help you prove it to your partner that you love him or her with all your heart and all your genitals.

4) What’s your Style?

What kind of lover are you? Are you fast and furious or do you take it nice and slow and then get to banging? We know that everybody loves differently as how we make love is really an extension of our personality. The calculator experts had this knowledge in mind and have implemented the same very well.

5) Time and Positions

The amount of effort you put in anything decides the outcome and it is true for sex as well. Are you the kind of freak who does not get any boredom in when your genitals are thumping or you cannot keep from changing position every 20 minutes to refresh yourself and resume the wild love? Sex calculator is as compatible as your
Partner is as you can calculate the amount of calories your burn in a long sex session and use it as a yardstick for sexual happiness.

Sex calculator is necessary to remove friction from relationships as it removes doubt from the situation that you love your partner. To use all its great features just click on the link below.


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