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Human Sexual Activity- Peniking to Improve Your Sexual Life

Human sexual behavior is the activity in which humans experience and show their sexuality. There are various acts of sexual activity which involve masturbation vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex or mutual masturbation, sexual intercourse, Non-penetrative sex   Human sexual activity is the expression of sexual emotion and connected intimacy between human beings. Psychologically, sexuality is the means to signify the wealth of love between a man and a woman. Biologically, Read more […]


Sex-Positive Journalist Says Cuddling Destroys Your Sex Life

Sex journalist Nadia Bokody won’t even hug her own boyfriend for fear of ruining their sex life Outspoken media commentator and Sexpert Nadia Bokody is so convinced that cuddling ruins your sex life, she won’t even hug her own boyfriend. By Nadia Bokody 6th June 2018, 8:08 pm I’m going to come right out and say something controversial: cuddling is terrible for your sex life. There’s no better way to dampen the flames of desire than snuggling with your significant other on the Read more […]



Sexual health is an important part of your physical and mental health along with your emotional and social well-being.  It’s crucial that you take care of your sexual health and to talk about sex and relationships along with your loved ones.  Sexual health requires a confident and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, along with the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, without any coercion, discrimination, and violence.  For sexual health to be attained Read more […]


Today most of the people suffering from low blood flow problems to a penis and how to increase blood flow to penis naturally? Are you worried and disappointed and thinking how to increase blood flow? Don’t worry; just read our blog to know information on blood flow to the penis! If you are hoping to maintain sexual activity in bed throughout the night, you are not the only one. A number of men are looking for ways to enhance their sexual performance. This can include improving existing Read more […]

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How can No.1 Penis Enlargement Pills in India Zest up Your Sexual Virility

Sexual prowess or male virility!!! To be more prowess’s in bed is a dream of any man. But how you can increase your male virility and keep it for longer. As you know that sex plays an important part in making your marriage or relationship works. A weak Sexual stamina and low endurance can destruct your life. You know this fact well that it can break your sweet little home. An early treatment for your problems can heal your sexual issues soon. There are many penis enlargement methods through Read more […]

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Best Enlargement Medicine for a Big Dick in India

Getting a big dick has become taboo for manliness. Men relate their manliness to their penis. They feel hopeless when your phallus is not up to expectations. It triggers dejection in the men as they are not able to satisfy their lovers. This can lead them to take a disastrous action. Poor performance in bed could take them into depression. They try many penis enlargement drugs, which may comprise many harmful chemicals. Folks! It does not sound good for your health. It is one of the sensitive parts Read more […]

Early Discharge and Its Cure

Most Ideal Approach to Endeavor to Stop Untimely Discharge.

Presently a day’s untimely discharge is an issue of close around 40% of men of whole populace while nobody on the grounds that bound to as for what reason to nobody has feel glad that is caused tension or sadness or confronting mental issues dishonor what not. They as well as felt excessively issue this make to breaking relationship or causing separation towards them. It is considerably more than a physical issue when you and your accomplice find in a submitted relationship or attempting to appreciate Read more […]

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Peniking is not Viagra, its way better

In a recent survey conducted we learned that a lot of people have a misconception about peniking and what it does as they feel that it does what Viagra does and since Viagra is one of the largest selling drugs in the world why not take it instead of peniking? We bring you the details of both the products and what they do for you. In order to under both these products first you need to know how an erection works. How does an erection work? The process is relatively simple as all erections Read more […]

All you need to know about a woman’s mind so that you can have her body

Oscar Wilde the great literary figure said that a woman begins by resisting a man’s advances and ends by blocking his retreat. Well this can be true of more than half of the woman in India as they rise to a fury when they hear the words pre-marital sex and regard it as sinful. Resisting all kind of physical contact through our lifetime is not in human nature. Sure there have been many who turned chaste but they only turned so by being hypocritical – As they pretended to be chaste first and then Read more […]

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Ego and Shame -The main factors in the sex game

Hugh Hefner said that religion is not the driving force behind civilization it is sex as we don’t produce off-springs for a higher power we produce them because we like sex. Penis and Vagina have a mind of their own and when they are on song they pull all our strings. Good performance in the bed boosts our self-esteem as it feeds us self- importance while bad performance makes us hot with shame. But so often than not, it is not the only kind of ego and shame we take and we bring you things that Read more […]