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Best Ways And Foods To Improve Sexual Performance

The word “sex”can arouse a heap of emotions. From love, excitement and affection to desirous, anxiety and disappointment – the feelings are as different as sexual experience themselves. On one level, sex is just another hormone-driven bodily function performed to maintain the species. In addition to your experiences and expectations help shape your sexual performance. Your understanding of yourself as a sexual being, the penis growth, your understanding about what comprises a satisfying Read more […]

Chocolate And Sexual Health

Since you were a child you’ve been told that chocolate damages your teeth and makes you fat. Well, now scientists recommend chocolate as being even more effective than many medicines in avoiding and treating various health problems. Asides its numerous health benefits, dark chocolate consists of substances which influence our moods, energy and sexual function in truly remarkable ways. According to a study, eating chocolates elevates the level of desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction. Read more […]

Human Sexual Activity- Peniking to Improve Your Sexual Life

Human sexual behavior is the activity in which humans experience and show their sexuality. There are various acts of sexual activity which involve masturbation vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex or mutual masturbation, sexual intercourse, Non-penetrative sex   Human sexual activity is the expression of sexual emotion and connected intimacy between human beings. Psychologically, sexuality is the means to signify the wealth of love between a man and a woman. Biologically, Read more […]

Some Important Facts about Sex – Peniking (Best Penis Enlargement)

Not that you need any sort of convincing to have sex, but apart from the orgasm and a whole lot of fun, a healthy sex life is one of the best ways you can boost all facets of your health.  Here’s how the pleasurable mix of emotion, sensuality, and physicality can uplift your health and well being to new heights: #1. Having Sex Once A Week Gives You the Kind of Happiness That Is Similar To the Joy You Get From Earning an Extra $50,000 A Year The spurt of happiness you receive from having Read more […]

लिंग बढ़ाने के घरेलू उपाय और टिप्स | How to Increase Penis Size in Hindi

क्या आप अपने लिंग के आकार और मोटाई को लेकर परेशान रहते हैं ? क्या आप चाहते हैं की आप अपने लिंग को लंबा और मोटा कैसे करें? यदि आपका उत्तर हाँ है तो आप बिलकुल सही वेबसाइट पर हैं, क्योंकि इसमें घबराने Read more […]


Sex-Positive Journalist Says Cuddling Destroys Your Sex Life

Sex journalist Nadia Bokody won’t even hug her own boyfriend for fear of ruining their sex life Outspoken media commentator and Sexpert Nadia Bokody is so convinced that cuddling ruins your sex life, she won’t even hug her own boyfriend. By Nadia Bokody 6th June 2018, 8:08 pm I’m going to come right out and say something controversial: cuddling is terrible for your sex life. There’s no better way to dampen the flames of desire than snuggling with your significant other on the Read more […]



Sexual health is an important part of your physical and mental health along with your emotional and social well-being.  It’s crucial that you take care of your sexual health and to talk about sex and relationships along with your loved ones.  Sexual health requires a confident and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, along with the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, without any coercion, discrimination, and violence.  For sexual health to be attained Read more […]


A rest disorder or somnipathy is really a medical disorder of the sleep patterns of a human; sometimes sleep disorders become serious enough to restrict normal physical, mental, emotional functioning and social. Disturbance in sleep can cause many of health concerns, like teeth grinding (bruxism) while sleeping. Whenever a person is suffering from difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep without any obvious cause, it’s called insomnia. The absence of rest can without much of a stretch Read more […]



HOW VITAMIN IMPROVE SEXUAL LIFE BETTER THAN BEFORE Today most of the men suffer from many health issues which harm sexual life; this is a bitter truth of now, every adult male who wishes to engage in sexual activity, for those men need sexual stamina to have a pleasurable sex life with their partner. Men’s biggest problems are erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, weak sperm counts, and stamina, which might be stealing their sexual performance. In this blog, we are going to give information Read more […]


Today most of the people suffering from low blood flow problems to a penis and how to increase blood flow to penis naturally? Are you worried and disappointed and thinking how to increase blood flow? Don’t worry; just read our blog to know information on blood flow to the penis! If you are hoping to maintain sexual activity in bed throughout the night, you are not the only one. A number of men are looking for ways to enhance their sexual performance. This can include improving existing Read more […]