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Sexual Addiction And Disorder

Sex is a common part of the human life and modern society now embraces and encourages. Sex is not an issue for most people, but it may arise as aproblem for some. The term Sexual Addiction is generally used to describe the problem of sexual behavior which they cannot controland which are harmful to their health and relationships.Still there is no official clinical diagnosis of sex addiction, making consistent identification and treatment of this issue a little messy. Sexual addiction is best Read more […]

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What Men Think About Their Penis Size?

Men are often most curious about the size of their penis. It has been one of the causes of anxiety which is taking toll on men. Call it societal expectations or gender related expectations; it is one of the widely researched topics by men. Numerous companies often get emails from worried customers about how they are unable to please their partners and they feel worried about their self-image. This issue is not confined to one particular area, region or country; instead, this is something about which Read more […]