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Some Important Facts about Sex – Peniking (Best Penis Enlargement)

Not that you need any sort of convincing to have sex, but apart from the orgasm and a whole lot of fun, a healthy sex life is one of the best ways you can boost all facets of your health.  Here’s how the pleasurable mix of emotion, sensuality, and physicality can uplift your health and well being to new heights: #1. Having Sex Once A Week Gives You the Kind of Happiness That Is Similar To the Joy You Get From Earning an Extra $50,000 A Year The spurt of happiness you receive from having Read more […]

लिंग बढ़ाने के घरेलू उपाय और टिप्स | How to Increase Penis Size in Hindi

क्या आप अपने लिंग के आकार और मोटाई को लेकर परेशान रहते हैं ? क्या आप चाहते हैं की आप अपने लिंग को लंबा और मोटा कैसे करें? यदि आपका उत्तर हाँ है तो आप बिलकुल सही वेबसाइट पर हैं, क्योंकि इसमें घबराने Read more […]


Sex-Positive Journalist Says Cuddling Destroys Your Sex Life

Sex journalist Nadia Bokody won’t even hug her own boyfriend for fear of ruining their sex life Outspoken media commentator and Sexpert Nadia Bokody is so convinced that cuddling ruins your sex life, she won’t even hug her own boyfriend. By Nadia Bokody 6th June 2018, 8:08 pm I’m going to come right out and say something controversial: cuddling is terrible for your sex life. There’s no better way to dampen the flames of desire than snuggling with your significant other on the Read more […]

How Peniking Changed My Sexual Life | A Story By Yogesh Shankar

Yogesh Shankar Hello, I am Yogesh Shankar from Bangalore; I was searching for the best product to enlarge my penis size to give satisfaction to my girlfriend and I got one product called Peniking. I thought this product also same as others. Peniking is an excellent product to get the effective results. You must read my story how I cure my sexual problems, May you are also suffering like me once I was suffering, so read it. How Has Peniking Filled My Life with Pleasure? I am in a relationship Read more […]

Why sex is an Important Exercise

Pleasure like never before with Peniking

One of the most burning dilemmas in men which make them feel ashamed and embarrassed is the erectile dysfunction and the problems related to the penis. Since India is considered as a conservative country, it’s a taboo to talk about sex and the abnormalities related to it. But it’s high time to openly converse about it so that the feeling of humiliation could be abandoned to some extent. When a man gets sexually aroused the blood flows with a gush into the penis making it hard and stiff. This Read more […]

Do yourself a favor: Play games, be kinky and make him hard!

Do yourself a favor: Play games, be kinky and make him hard!

Falling into a routine could perhaps be the worst thing that can happen to a couple which is already trapped in 21st century world where 24 hours less for any number of activities. Sex always suffers as a result of work pressure and other commitments. The fizzle between couples dies a premature death when they are unable to make the most out of the time they get for each other. Everyone needs a rescue because no one deserves unfairness when it comes to their love lives. Lack of innovation can rip Read more […]

10 Ways to Maximize Pleasure during Sex

10 Ways to Maximize Pleasure during Sex

There is no denying that sex is a necessary part of our lives nowadays. It is something which needs to be spiced up every now and then because couples are not bound to stay with each other in case something goes wrong. Life is unfair; modern lifestyle leaves a little time for couples to spend together. It is the biggest truth that if a relationship has to survive, sex has to be good. The only problem is that there is so less quality time and no particular position or move would keep your partner Read more […]