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Some Important Facts about Sex – Peniking (Best Penis Enlargement)

Not that you need any sort of convincing to have sex, but apart from the orgasm and a whole lot of fun, a healthy sex life is one of the best ways you can boost all facets of your health.  Here’s how the pleasurable mix of emotion, sensuality, and physicality can uplift your health and well being to new heights: #1. Having Sex Once A Week Gives You the Kind of Happiness That Is Similar To the Joy You Get From Earning an Extra $50,000 A Year The spurt of happiness you receive from having Read more […]


Sex-Positive Journalist Says Cuddling Destroys Your Sex Life

Sex journalist Nadia Bokody won’t even hug her own boyfriend for fear of ruining their sex life Outspoken media commentator and Sexpert Nadia Bokody is so convinced that cuddling ruins your sex life, she won’t even hug her own boyfriend. By Nadia Bokody 6th June 2018, 8:08 pm I’m going to come right out and say something controversial: cuddling is terrible for your sex life. There’s no better way to dampen the flames of desire than snuggling with your significant other on the Read more […]

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Male Enlargement Pills Vs Enlargement Pumps Vs Kegel Exercise

If you have been searching the web for quite some time for a solution to provide an enlargement of penis. Here is the secret of what method is genuine and adaptable with no side effects! Many men’s wonders which methods should use to enlarge the penis? How to solve the sexual problems? If you are browsing and still confuse! Read out this topic, Today Indian market came up with various solutions like penis enlargement pills, pumps, Enlargement vacuum devices and different types of exercises and Read more […]


What is nightfall in men? Nightfall has become a regular problem among men it is also known as wet dreams. The problem of nightfall is a very frequent problem among most of the men’s, it mostly affects at mid-age or teenager. The problem of wet dreams is distinguished by the unknowingly and reflex ejaculation while asleep. It can be seen in both men and women, but it’s more frequent among male and very rare in a female. During the definitions emission, the men may wake up and again go back to Read more […]

Makes Her Regardless Of Your Penis

What Makes Her Regardless Of Your Penis Size?

We know how discouraging it is the point at which you take a gander at your little pal and feel that it is insufficient to enable you to carry on a glad schedule each day. No man in his entire faculties is consistently going to concede his absence of potential in satisfying his accomplice. Absence of information is as yet worthy; however having a little penis is something which is adequate to smash any man’s confidence. Penis estimate has been viewed as the most indispensable piece of any man’s Read more […]

Food or Sex? Why Not Both

According to a study it was found that an average session of sex burns around 100 calories with kissing burning close to 70 calories. We know you care a lot about eating and even more about your sex life as if you are not on good terms with one of two you are sure to be bitter and dissatisfied. This conflict when not corrected can make you hate yourself and rob you of positive life experience. We bring you foods that won’t make you gain a lot of calories and still you a lot of energy so that you Read more […]

Nine Sex Positions she needs you to Stop

Nine Sex Positions She Needs You to Stop

Regardless of whether they are awkward for her or out and out unbalanced, avoid these normally hated positions. Playing around with sex positions is fun, however there is no precluding that most variety of positions simply do not work. Some are more strategically difficult than a round of Twister. Others hit peculiar or awkward points. Also, others are outright odd. Obviously, everybody has their very own inclinations, yet there are a few positions that have a tendency to be less prevalent with Read more […]

5 things that Can Murder Your Sex Drive

5 Things that can murder your Sex Drive

Keep an eye out for these shockingly tricky components that could destroy your magic. Having a low sex drive sucks, and it can be significantly more cumbersome to discuss it with your specialist or accomplice. Be that as it may, here is the thing: As a general rule, low sexual charisma is the result of for the most part preventable issues—and that implies you have a decent opportunity to right the ship before it deteriorates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEd_-qZUK3w 1. Antidepressants Antidepressants Read more […]

How to have Divine Sex Sip Red Wine

How to have Divine Sex? Sip Red Wine!

Liquor, and red wine specifically, is famous as one of the main ten aphrodisiacs for lovemaking, however have a lot, and liquor can turn from being useful for your sex drive to being awful rapidly – do not imagine you are the special case who hasn’t had a couple an excessive number of and after that had a not really fun frolic in the sheets. Things being what they are, what is the perfect measurement for affection? Give us a chance to endorse it to you; you would not be disappointed! When Read more […]

Do yourself a favor: Play games, be kinky and make him hard!

Do yourself a favor: Play games, be kinky and make him hard!

Falling into a routine could perhaps be the worst thing that can happen to a couple which is already trapped in 21st century world where 24 hours less for any number of activities. Sex always suffers as a result of work pressure and other commitments. The fizzle between couples dies a premature death when they are unable to make the most out of the time they get for each other. Everyone needs a rescue because no one deserves unfairness when it comes to their love lives. Lack of innovation can rip Read more […]