The Insider’s Guide To Condoms

All of us are familiar with condoms, but we can bet that most of us have not tried to know more about this normal and frequently available birth control method which has infiltrated every modern day bedroom. A male condom is a latex or (less commonly) polyurethane sheaths that is placed over a man’s erect penis prior to sexual activity and to prevent direct contact of the penile fluids with the partner’s skin and genital secretions. The intention is to Male condoms are put on the erect penis prior to a sexual activity as unprotected sexual route is direct road to be infected with Sexually transmitted diseases (STI).

Condoms In Ancient Times:

The history of condoms goes back at least several centuries and perhaps beyond about which we cannot comprehend. The first evidence of condoms is in the shape of an art form which is dated 11,000 BC in caves in France known as Grotte des Combarrelles. The oldest condoms, made with animal membrane, to have ever been excavated were found in a cesspit located in the grounds of Dudley Castle, and dated back to 1642Scientists say that the painting depicts a condom. In fact, the use of condoms was so prevalent that they were manufactured from different materials like, chemically processed linen, animal bladders or intestinal issues and even clothes.  Egyptians used linen sheath, Chinese used oiled silk paper, Japanese made them with leather and tortoiseshell sheaths and Romans were famous for using goat’s bladder as the core material for protection.

Progress In 19th Century

It was not until mid-19th century, when use of rubber condoms became prevalent because of jump in family planning programs throughout Europe and Russia. There was a huge leap seen in manufacturing methods as well. The rubber condom was produced for the first time in 1855.  Early 19th century England saw condoms being introduced to poorer classes for the purpose of birth control and protection against sexually transmitted diseases. By the second half of 20th century, surge production resulted in dipping of prices and it became easier for people to include low cost of condoms contributed to their importance in family planning programs throughout the developing world.

Modern Day Condoms:

Condoms have evolved since their inclusion in mankind’s desire to control births. In fact, the evolution of condoms has been the best thing which happened to humans. Not only it prevented birth control, it was further modified to derive maximum pleasure out of a sexual act. Modern day condoms are easier to use, less likely to break, more effective in birth control, provide more lubrication, easier to wear, hassle-free and low-cost. What could be better than the fact that they come in different flavors? Latex condoms are used worldwide in today’s world.

Let’s have look at the most famous companies in the world:

We must say that condoms have evolved for the betterment of human beings. There is so much to know about this wonderful invention. We are not done yet; there is much more to know!