Why men and women’s libido should not be compared?

Why men and women’s libido should not be compared?

Why men and women’s libido should not be compared?

Women have been tied up by age-old belief that they show sexually submissive behaviors in comparison to men. Same goes for men as well.  In our society, it is stereotypical gender based behavioral boundaries which decide and shape opinion about a gender. It is common for society to look for differences and not similarities between both genders. Perhaps this is the reason female sexuality has remained majorly an undiscussed issue, and rather a misunderstood one.

The scientific researchers have claimed that men have higher sex drive as compared to women, which is true anyway, but it is just tip of an iceberg. Initially, we can assume that women’s sexuality is a forbidden area which not explored, instead looked down upon, and even exploited for commercial reasons where they have to act sexually at the drop of hat. Even when differences are found, the number of these differences varies as a result of two main factors such as age and culture.

It is of course true that sex occupies men’s mind; sex is thought about at least twice a day if arousals and accidental erections are ignored. Studies have shown that their sexual drives are stronger than women; their neurons can fire sex signals at any point of time. In simpler words, their sexual desires are much more straightforward as compared to women.

Men & Women’s Libido Should Not Be Compared

What women think about sex is not explored much. However, there are certain factors like ability to have multiple orgasms and have sex for long duration once turned on. Women’s physiology and anatomy is different and this is what makes them respond differently to sexual stimulus. They do not have obvious readable signs which indicate their sexual arousal.

Most males experience a rest period (refractory period) after which they are ready to do another sex session. The sexual arousal in men is easier to determine; while women’s complex biology make it harder to figure out what excites them. In fact, most women do not even know what would excite them. Their sexual desires are intertwined with partner’s attitude, place, security and level of attraction. It has been suggested (Basson, 2000) that a woman’s sexual desire may be directly associated with erotic physical stimulation or situational factors. It is different than men where a mere sexual thought or fantasy would ignite the fire.  The sources of women’s libidos are harder to nail down.

The common view has always relied on women’s sex drive being driven by social and cultural factors, which is true but does not represent entire picture. In fact, Women’s libidos can be compared to a complex puzzle like a rubic cube; they need specificity of what arouses them rather than the stimulus.

Men and women definitely respond differently to stimulus and response because of their biological makeup.  A man’s arousal quickly dies after an orgasm, a woman’s arousal rises slowly and dies gradually after reaching a peak; it follows parabolic path. Women’s libidinous nature is in fact quality-based since it is more specific to stimulus. The intensity and quickness of men’s arousal cannot be compared to women as these two sexes simply respond differently to sex.  It doesn’t make men more sexual beings and women passive ones. Also, it should not make people think that they are uninterested in sex.

Maybe men should not jump in bed directly as it would be a turn-off for their partners. Paying attention to what makes them feel loved would do the trick.

We believe that there are as many numbers of women as men who have higher sexual drive. Both sexes were created differently, so they simply act differently.

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