Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is a blend of tactics related to the expansion of size and length of the penis. This method is also used to cure erectile inflexibility of the penis.

What are these tactics for penis enlargement?

  • Manual Activities
  • Extending Gadgets
  • Surgical methods
  • These strategies do not claim for complete achievements and disappointments. Unfortunately, in order to encourage penis enlargement products, the eligibility between impermanent thickening, i.e., erect penis and the perpetual development is knowingly grimed.

    What does scientific research say?

    There are a few scientific researches has been done, specifically related to the matter of non-surgical penile enlargement techniques genuinely. These studies can be biased in terms of interests and feelings of the user. There is no official acknowledgment regarding the validity of this study. There is no evidence of success of any non-surgical method for the permanent enhancement of length and girth of the penis. In fact, it could damage the skin of penis and scarring. It could also lead to the permanent loss of sexual capacity.

    Can one get perfect size of dick through surgery?

    Penis Length / Extending Surgery

    It is the most common but widely recognized process, in which the ligament is cut which attached the penis to the pubic bone. During penile extending surgery, a skin grafting is done to the base of the penis. It allows an extra length to the penis. This technique makes sure to build the length and size of your dick. This surgery is performed by using various penis enlargement techniques. Such as

    Fat Grafting : In this process liposuction fat transfer from the stomach divider or thighs and injected to dartos fascia (internal skin of penile length)

    Dermal Fat Grafting: A small of amount of fat is removed from beneath the buttocks, then grafting procedure begins underneath the penile skin.

    Silicone Penile InsertsIn this process, a silicon implant inserted into penis for enhancing the size of the penis in terms of length and girth.

    Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Methods

  • Pills and supplements: Peniking is the best penis enlargement medicine and supplements in India. It provides services and professional advice on the web too.

  • Physical Methods: Penis Pump, Clamping, Jelqing and Traction

  • Penis pump

    penis infographic image

    It is a vacuum erection device, which creates negative force to expand by drawing blood into penis. It leads to swelling of the dick. It can cure your erectile dysfunction. It is fitted over the penis and can make your boner look larger on temporary basis. But it carries own risk which can damage the elastic tissue of your penis. It may cause less firm erections.


    It is very unsafe and hazardous penis enlargement technique. Its aim is to extend the time of the penis by using a contracting gadget. It helps in retaining blood stream out of the organ. It is placed immovably at the base of the erect penis. It may retain the blood in the penis but can cause long-term harm to the penis.


    It is a manual operation of concurrent squeezing and stroking the shaft from the base to corona glans of a penis. This process is also called milking.


    It is a non-surgical way to enlarge and strengthen the penis by imparting devices which pull the glans of the penis for expanded periods of time. This penis expansion technique helps in bringing changeless increment of the tissue.

    Though, each method has advantages and disadvantages. But it is worth to take a risk for your small penis.